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Travel To Go Highlights Top Beaches in California

Travel To Go, a leading luxury vacation provider, knows that many vacationers choose California for their summer fun. The sandy beaches found there are some of the most famous in the world, and for good reason, since their beauty is unbeatable. Here are some of our favorite spots to spend time at this summer.

1. Laguna: Known for being one of Orange County’s most fashion-forward towns, and of course the beach here is no exception. The clean, calm waters along with the gorgeous white sands make this a popular pick for any beach-goer who wants to have a stylish summer.

2. Coronado: For over a century, the beaches in this area have been a draw to travelers from all over the world. The main beach, also referred to as Coronado Central Beaches, stretches about a mile and half behind some of the beautiful houses along Ocean Boulevard, creating an awesome sight-seeing opportunity.  Swimmers, body-surfers, boogie boarders and more will enjoy the waters here.

3. Venice: Venice makes the list simply because of the interesting people watching that can be done here. No other beach is quite like this one, which includes  a 3-ring urban street circus, caricature artists, barefoot sand sculptors and more. Ocean Front Walk has some of the best shops and fast-food spots around, so be sure to make time to visit here.

Travel To Go knows that California promotes the essence of summer all year round, so if you can’t make it this season, still plan your trip for sometime later in the year. For more information or to start planning your vacation today, please visit

Travel To Go Features the Awe-Inspiring Mount Rushmore

Travel To Go discusses why Mount Rushmore is a must-see attraction.

Travel To Go discusses why Mount Rushmore is a must-see attraction.

There are particular sites that symbolizes the testament of the American spirit and its ingenuity. Travel To Go believes that one of the best examples of this comes from Mount Rushmore. A massive undertaking, this hybrid of nature molded with engineering took years of meticulous planning and labor to make it what it is today. Mount Rushmore is located near Keystone, South Dakota. Although a picture alone shows how miraculous it is, seeing it in person will surely be a rewarding experience where visitors can fully appreciate the work spend crafting this symbol of American history.

Travel To Go Recommends Travel Tips For Exploring China

Travel To Go, a leading provider of luxury vacation fulfillment, knows that when it comes to exploring a new city, there can be a lot of emotions going on at once. The truth is, visiting somewhere that is new to someone can be overwhelming at times, especially when trying to navigate a foreign country. For all those traveling to China, this massive county allows many opportunities for excitement.

1.  Although you most likely won’t be able to speak the language fluently by the time your trip occurs, there is one app that will make understanding the language a lot easier. Download Pieco in order to start learning more before you go. It’s important to note that the basic app is free, but for a measly $15 you can download the character recognition version (for iPhone 4 and 5) and point the camera at a menu or sign and get an instant translation.

2. Do souvenirs the right way. Everyone knows that China is the manufacturing capital of the world, and if you think of it, chances are someone can make it. Anything from fancy sheets, a silk quilt, cashmere coats and more are some of the wonderful things you can have customized to bring back home.

3. China is known for being home to some of the most unusual art in the world, and a lot of it can be visited for free. A lot of the boutique hotels display unique pieces right in the lobby, especially the Opposite House Hotel, which can be found in the Sanlitun area of Beijing. They have both a permanent display, and a rotating exhibit in the lobby that features interesting installations that can’t be found in local galleries.

Travel To Go knows these tips will help any traveler enjoy their trip to China even more.

Travel To Go Shares Top 3 Tips for Airline Travel

The summer season is the time when large numbers of people will want to go on trips and Travel To Go recognizes that airports are especially busy getting travelers to their destinations. The crowds alone can make air travel difficult when going through an airport with the simple objective of getting on a plane to go somewhere. Although many factors at an airport are beyond the control of travelers, there are many practices that can make airline travel much more bearable. The following are the top three tips for getting through an airport.

  1. Be Informed: Avoiding many issues can often be accomplished to through awareness. In regards to airline travel, this is especially true. Flight plans can change and result in early arrivals or delays. Fortunately, travelers can stay up to date regarding a flight’s status by checking online. If a plane is delayed, a travelers might be able to leave home at a later time and not have to wait as long as the airport.
  2. Be Prepared: Travel To Go knows there are many things to do before and during airline travel in order to make the process run smoothly. From packing luggage to getting at the right gate, travelers who are prepared can have a greater peace of mind knowing that they are doing what they can to make the experience easier. Something as simple as packing can make all of the difference.
  3. Be Relaxed: Like any experience where there are many factors occurring all at once, having a calm frame of mind is recommended. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to feel stressed at the airport. Travelers who do their best to stay calm and not let things bother them a great deal are at an advantage. Anything other than a relaxed attitude can impact the rest of a travel experience. Therefore, staying calm and ready to have an enjoyable time is best.

Travel To Go Features the Amazing Grand Canyon

Travel To Go showcased the Grand Canyon.

Travel To Go showcased the Grand Canyon.

It is a pleasure for Travel To Go to introduce fascinating destinations. Among these, the Grand Canyon is a place representing the power of nature that represents millions of years. The Grand Canyon is certainly the most recognized natural landmark in the state of Arizona. This is why travelers worldwide visit the area each year. Although pictures alone can be breathtaking, actually seeing it in person is a whole different experience. Travelers who would like to see one of the great natural wonders of the world should go to the Grand Canyon and absorb all of its glory.

Travel To Go Highlights Ireland As An End of Summer Paradise

For all those travelers who haven’t got the chance to get away this summer, there is still time for an exciting vacation to celebrate the season. Everyone knows summer is synonymous with vacation, so round up the kids before they have to head back to school, and take an exciting trip in a new country this summer. Travel To Go knows that Ireland makes a great choice that kids and adults both enjoy, and that the country offers a lot of different areas to visit that are both beautiful and interesting. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Giant’s Causeway: This coastal area of about 40,000 basalt columns near the town Bushmills, is one of the most popular places to visit in the northern area of the country. This area was created by a volcanic eruption nearly 60 million years ago, but many speculate about a famous myth about the Benandonner giant. Ask the locals to share stories about this popular tale and see which one you believe.
  • Ring of Kerry: For visitors around the world, the drive on the way to the Ring of Kerry is a picturesque example of exactly how they remember the country. The scenic views sweep by, and include ancient historical monuments and castles, a gorgeous coastline, charming locals along with colorful towns and villages. This is the area of the country that films, television, anything that encapsulated Ireland is based on.

Travel To Go knows either of these choices in Ireland will leave visitors stunned at the natural beauty the country has to offer.

Travel To Go Suggests a Trip to Oakland

Travel To Go recognizes that among the many popular destination to travel, the state of California contains plenty of amazing cities to visit. Famous locations include Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. These are visited by millions of people from around the world each year due to their massive appeal that showcases history, culture, unique sites, and natural appeal. Of course, there are plenty of other areas in California to visit. Across San Francisco is the city of Oakland. Often overlooked by visitors, Oakland is now well known as a hip community that is home to a thriving arts scene as well as boutique shops and restaurants. Those in search of a more unique place can visit Oakland and see what it is about personally.

Those in search of entertainment can find it with three pro sports teams, as known by Travel To Go. These include the Oakland Raiders, the Golden State Warriors, and the Oakland Athletics. Any one of these teams can offer an entertaining afternoon or evening to sit back and enjoy watching a team play live.

Referring backs to the arts scene, Oakland is known for have a high number of artists living and working in the area. It is common to see new art galleries on a regular basis that showcase the work of local artists. Visitors who love music can go to the Fox Oakland Theatre for live bands. Whatever is done in Oakland, it will surely be a unique experience like no other place.

Travel To Go Shares Louisiana for a Top Rated Vacation Destination

Travel To Go is a leader in the vacation industry, who helps many out there plan the vacation of their dreams. Take the opportunity to enjoy spending time in luxury accommodations, enjoying stellar amenities along with some of the best customer service around. In fact, our customer service ectends even further than most travel providers, since our focus is to provide advice on exciting destinations that travelers will enjoy visiting each year. This summer, set aside time to visit Louisiana, one state that is quickly becoming known for being the next movie making capital of the United States.

Although this state is mainly known for Mardi Gras (also a great time to visit—mark your calendars for February to see some of the best nightlife in the country, and attend celebrations unlike any other) this city is fast becoming California’s newest film industry rival.

One of the top films of the summer, 22 Jump Street was recently filmed there, along with other recent hits like Django Unchained, Pitch Perfect and True Detective. Also, the newest spin-off in the popular NCIS series, NCIS: New Orleans is another example of showcasing this famous state. Visitors can take tours around the city of some of the famous places these popular tv shows and films were made, or even just set their sights around the city for some fun. New Orleans in particular offers some of the most delicious seafood around, along with Creole and Cajun cooking unlike anywhere else in the country. Pack your bags and head to the Big Easy for summer fun, a top favorite in vacation recommendations from Travel To Go.

Travel To Go Features Cabo San Lucas as a Premier Destination for Sports

As a popular tourist destination, Travel To Go recognizes that Cabo San Lucas offers a plethora of natural features that draw in millions of visitors each year. Whether on a weekend getaway or spending several weeks on vacation, travelers are sure to find a nearly endless supply or activities to enjoy during a visit. Vacationers can relax on the beach, take a swim in the ocean, enjoy local cuisine, explore the area for natural sights and historical landmarks, and plenty of picture taking opportunities.

Of particular note in Cabo San Lucas is the number of sports to either participate in or witness. Travel To Go is particularly pleased by the number of water sports that are enhanced thanks to the natural features of Cabo. Vacationers can explore underwater by scuba diving or snorkeling. Those in search of the perfect catch can go fishing in the waters around Cabo that are prime for such activity.

On land, the beach sands are where visitors can play a game of volley ball or even fly a kite. Regardless of the activity, Cabo is a wonderful place where vacationers can enjoy the natural features that make it ideal for many activities, whether for sport or recreation.

Summer is the perfect time to get away and travel beyond home for a special kind of vacation experience. Travelers who want a variety of options will certainly appreciate Cabo and want to make return trips on the future.

Travel To Go Recommends Visiting Catalina Island

Catalina Island


Travel To Go wants to share many exciting vacation destinations for those who wish to witness a miraculous combination of sights. Catalina Island, California in particular is an amazing work of nature where the ocean meets island, mountains, and even cacti. Those who have never made a visit before should most certainly do so. As a popular vacation spot, Catalina Island offers great accommodations and natural features to enjoy during a visit. Vacationers can relax on the beach, take a swim in the waters, explore the island through hiking, and much more. Now is the time to go on a vacation and see what is out there.