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Travel To Go Reveals Best Vacation Destinations

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Seasonal Travel, Travel to Go

When individuals begin planning summer getaways, they are encouraged by Travel To Go to consider the following destinations.

Travel To Go suggests best travel destinations

Travel To Go knows that for many travelers the summer months are the perfect time for travel. When the weather starts to warm up and flowers blossom all over the world, travelers are eager to take advantage of these destinations. To have their unforgettable vacation experience, travelers must make sure that they are able to pick the perfect vacation city to visit, and that is why Travel To Go has created its list of the best vacation destinations to enjoy this year.

  1. Vatican City: Religious tourists, or those who want to see a beloved holiday come to life, must visit Vatican City. The center of the Catholic religion, this city comes to life to celebrate Easter Sunday in April. There are Holy Week Masses conducted by the Pope himself that can be attended by visitors as well. During the Easter week visitors can also of course take classic tours of the Sistine Chapel or other popular attractions in the city. Travel To Go points out that it is very important for travelers who want to see the Vatican Easter week to plan ahead as this will be a very busy season for the destination.
  2. Paris: For those who are planning a romantic getaway, there is no better choice than Paris. Nature blooms in Paris during the spring and summer, which makes it an even more appealing setting for the special celebrations that many couples are dreaming of each year. When travelers visit the Les Tuileries Gardens, they will be able to see just how lovely Paris can be. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the French cuisine and fashion while in this legendary city.
  3. Washington D.C.: Travel To Go knows that Washington D.C. is a spectacular destination any time of year as the city is full of American history. However, the spring and summer also come to life in this city as the flowers bloom and it turns into a colorful wonderland. The 3,000 cherry trees featured at tourist attractions such as the Jefferson Memorial also bloom in these seasons and are celebrated with the April National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Through Travel To Go, members are offered access to unbelievable destinations all over the world. Every individual has a dream destination that they want to visit, and Travel To Go can make these dreams become reality with the expert assistance that its team offers. Every vacation opportunity that is taken advantage of through this expert provider can offer unforgettable memories.

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Travel To Go Highlights Best Beach Tips for Summer

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Seasonal Travel, Travel Planning, Travel to Go

Tips from Travel To Go that will help any traveler have an easy time at the beach this year.

advice for summer vacations by travel to go

Travel To Go is one of the leading vacation providers around, offering clients from all around the globe the chance to explore different areas of the world as the perfect destination option for their next vacation. Taking the time to stay at any of their luxury properties will be the perfect way anyone chooses to unwind during the popular summer travel season — something that everyone deserves to do.

During the warm weather summer season, one of the most popular ways to spend time away from work is by visiting any of the sandy shores found at the beaches in and around the United States. There are many wonderful beach options close to home, or travelers can jaunt to nearby Mexico to explore the sands of a new country as well, all for an affordable price. But staff members at Travel To Go share that planning early is key: beaches tend to be one of the most sought after choices for vacationers, and accommodations and activities can book up quickly.

The same thing applies to spending the day at the beach as well: the early bird gets the worm. Travel To Go shares most beaches will be least crowded during the beginning of the day, so planning a breakfast picnic with the family to enjoy the sunrise will be a great way to kick off a vacation. Having an early morning excursion is also a great way to bond with family on a vacation, so try this out in order to beat the crowds.

Last but not least: do not forget the sunblock! Nothing ruins a vacation more than dealing with red and itchy skin, but many people out there forget to pack this essential—and even if they do bring it along, they aren’t always properly applying it. Travel To Go knows that applying sunblock at least once every 2 hours while in direct sunlight or excessive heat just might be the ultimate vacation saver.

Travel To Go knows these tips and tricks will help any traveler navigate the beaches to the best of their abilities. For more information about planning the perfect beach vacation, it’s always a good idea to find a trusted resource like Travel To Go.

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Travel To Go Highlights Rod Stewart Residency at Caesar’s Palace this Summer

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Las Vegas, Travel to Go

Travel To Go recommends Stewart’s show for visitors to Vegas who want to feel ‘forever young.’

Las Vegas best shows with travel to go

When travelers head to Las Vegas this summer, they will find the city’s entertainment venues are chock full of big name talents the likes of which haven’t been seen in decades. While it may be hard to pick just one to see, Travel To Go recommends visitors do not miss out on catching a performance by Rod Stewart.

Caesars Palace scored big by getting Rod Stewart to begin yet another chapter in his storied career at their venue. With a catalog of songs stretching back to 1969, Stewart picks his material carefully, creating a show full of music video and radio staples such as “Hot Legs,” “Forever Young,” and “First Cut is the Deepest.” Throwing in covers and album tracks like “Reason to Believe” and “The Killing of Georgie,” Travel To Go says Stewart’s set list will please both newer Stewart fans and die-hard followers.

The sheer size of Caesars’ Colosseum can barely contain the energy and spectacle of Stewart’s show. And the word “show” is apropos, according to Travel To Go. The spacious stage contains a screen-in-screen setup behind the band, Stewart is in the aisles singing and clapping with audience, and his band moves around the stage with flair. All of this combines to make the seeing Stewart live both a visual and auditory delight. Because he is in residency at Caesars’, he could create a bigger, bolder version of a concert tour stop.

There is a certain electricity to the way Stewart and his band move around the stage, interacting with the audience. Stewart is the main attraction, but the band doesn’t just fade into the background. With two high-energy percussionists, three backing singers, saxophonists and more, they deliver both a feast for the eyes and ears. Midway through the show, the band even goes unplugged for a small acoustic set. Travel To Go calls this the show’s most memorable moment.

Fans attending the show this summer may even be lucky enough to hear a new Rod Stewart tune. After nearly two decades, this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy Living Legend has finally penned and recorded a brand new studio album, “Another Country,” which is set to be released Oct. 23. Stewart himself had said he thought he was done writing new music, so this concentrated burst of songwriting activity is unprecedented in his five-decade career.

Whether it’s seeing a living legend on the stage or lounging under the sun on a tropical beach, Travel To Go is the travel provider people trust to help them create their ideal vacation. Travel To Go has the experience, inventory and expert staff necessary to assist their members with making life-changing memories in the most beautiful locations around the world.

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Travel To Go Reveals Top Travel Preparation Tips for Summer

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Seasonal Travel, Travel Tips, Travel to Go

Some travel tips from expert vacation provider Travel To Go for families preparing to plan their summer vacations.

summer tips for traveling with travel to go

The travel experts staffed at vacation provider Travel To Go know that having a system in place while preparing any upcoming travels can sometimes make all the difference. This is exactly why they provide their solid advice to clients from all over. Travelers should take the time to follow these easy guidelines provided by Travel To Go since they will help them make the most of their travels this summer season.

One of the most important things Travel To Go knows travelers should start with is making a list. Making a list of everything that is needed is a great way to start organizing all the aspects of the trip in order to not forget a single detail. Travel To Go shares that every person and every trip will have different packing needs, but there are some things no one will want to forget. These essentials include medications, first aid items, passports, as well as any necessary identification. It’s always a good idea to include an additional copy of this in luggage as well in case it gets lost along the way. Also travelers should remember to print everything needed, like any itinerary or booking confirmations, boarding passes and maps of the area as this will help any traveler save a lot of time.

Getting laundry and packing done early is always a good idea. Travel To Go recommends packing as far in advance as possible, a great way to leave time if a load of laundry is suddenly needed. It’s also a good idea to plan out different outfits in case of a sudden weather change. Packing a plastic bag for wet swimsuits or towels is the best method to keep all the other clothes in the suitcase both clean and fresh.

With some easy pre-planning and organization, most travelers find that getting ready for a trip is easier than ever. Making a list and sticking to it easily avoids over-packing or forgetting some essential items and wasting vacation funds to replace them. Travel To Go knows families should even take the time to create lists together so that everyone can make sure they plan correctly while getting ready for packing.

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Travel To Go Shares Top Travel Destinations for Summer 2015

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Destinations, Travel to Go, United States Destinations

Travel To Go, a leading provider of luxury vacations, is sharing several top travel destinations for the summer of 2015.

Best summer destinations by Travel To Go

Travel To Go, a highly respected travel provider, is excited to share some of the top travel destinations for spending summer in the sun. Whether travelers are looking for beaches, fun travel attractions or just something new to experience, these destinations are some favorite choices of how to beat the heat.

  1. Miami – Miami is the prime place to spend summer days. Many travelers love to visit the popular South Beach neighborhood. There’s much to offer for those interested in exotic nightlife, but also more low-key famous restaurants and shopping spots. For those who need a break from the beach, one fun family outing is a visit the famed Everglades National Park. Travelers might even spot an alligator or two along the way. Travel To Go knows that Miami has a lot to offer to its summertime visitors.
  2. Los Angeles – Home to the stars and merely miles away from beaches galore, Los Angeles is another spot that Travel To Go recommends for a fun-filled destination. If driving through the neighborhoods with a Star Map to locate all the celebrities’ homes isn’t personal enough, maybe taking photos with some of the favorites is more ideal. Travelers might not get the chance to meet the real deals, but at Madame Tussaud’s famous wax museum (located next to the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater) they just might be able to snag a photo that will fool everyone back home.
  3. New Orleans – A trip to the bayou is the perfect way to mix things up for travelers that want to try something new. A walking tour around garden district to see the historic homes is fun, but even better at night since the city is famous for its ghost stories. Make sure to plan a stop at the famed Bourbon Street while being able to avoid the crazy rush of people during Mardi Gras. For all the foodies out there, home-style Cajun cooking, seafood and the legendary beignets at Cafe Du Monde are at the top of the must-haves list

No matter where vacation plans take travelers, Travel To Go hopes for safe and happy travelers this summer.

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Travel To Go Highlights Top Florida Theme Park Attractions for 2015 Fun

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Destinations, Travel to Go

Travel To Go is assisting travelers planning a Florida Summer 2015 vacation by providing them the latest news on the hottest attractions in Central Florida.

Best Florida theme parks suggested by Travel To Go

Travel To Gois a travel industry leader that constantly raises the bar for other travel networks around the world. Their latest move is focused at vacation planners eagerly planning their exciting Florida vacation. Millions of travelers head to Florida every year, either excited to visit the beaches or take their families to the thrilling theme parks that the state is known for. The following information is featured to help those travelers narrow down their plans in order for them to see the top-of-the-line attractions.

Travel To Go knows that most travelers head to Central Florida for one reason: to visit Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney World Resort is world famous, and the four theme parks that compose the Resort in Orlando are overflowing with attractions that will keep guests busy all day long. At EPCOT, guests will not want to miss out on Test Track, an exciting ride where guests design and test out their vehicles through rigorous safety tests.  At the Animal Kingdom, guests won’t want to skip Expedition Everest, a wooden rollercoaster that takes riders deep into Yeti territory. Visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios must visit the park’s latest attraction: Toy Story Mania, a ride that drops guests right into the heart of the popular Pixar franchise. Finally, the iconic Magic Kingdom features the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, recently refurbished to feature the stars of the film, including the recognizable Captain Jack Sparrow.

Travel To Go points out that at the Universal Studios Orlando theme park, guests can enter the world of Harry Potter and visit the famous school for wizards in the Hogwarts-themed portion of the Islands of Adventure park. Islands of Adventure also features a Jurassic Park zone, a Dr. Seuss zone that is perfect for children, and a Marvel comics zone featuring the monstrous Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster.

The latest attraction to come to Universal Studios in Orlando is the Transformers ride, based on the Hasbro toys and the Michael Bay films. Travel To Go recommends that guests head to the ride as soon as the park opens, to avoid waiting in the long lines that form later on during the day.

Plan an exciting theme park vacation to Florida with Travel To Go today!

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