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Travel To Go Looks At The History Of Nuevo Vallarta

Travel To Go knows that since beginning as a government project in the 90s, Nuevo Vallarta has blossomed into a luxury year-round vacation destination. Deluxe resort amenities on over 3 miles of white sandy beaches, marinas, luxury villas and lush tropical gardens make Nuevo Vallarta a top destination for travel. Part of the Mexican State of Nayarit, the area is located directly on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Historically, the area was one of the most active farming locations in Mexico due to it’s geography and climate. The warm weather, heavy rains and rich volcanic soil made it perfect for a wide variety of crops including grain, sugarcane, coffee, cotton and tobacco.

Today, the area makes most of its money from a large tourist industry. As one of the richest and most luxurious resort communities, travelers visiting Nuevo Vallarta can expect the highest quality accommodations, amenities and resort activities throughout the year. Golf, dozens of water activities, tennis, hiking and exploring, and a host of options for dining and experiencing the culture and enjoying a night on the town can be found throughout the area. Dozens of well known resorts, private villas, spas and much more are just a part of what makes Nuevo Vallarta the destination to see while visiting Mexico. Find out what makes Nuevo Vallarta a top destination for travel on your next vacation with Travel To Go on your next vacation.

Learn all you need to know about vacations and travel and how to save money doing it with Travel To Go today. Enjoy exotic locations and travel to the hottest destinations including Nuevo Vallarta and make the most of all your vacations in the future with Travel To Go as your partner in travel.




Travel To Go Helps You Pursue The Splendors Of Oahu

Travel To Go likes to help the tourist discover the exotic Island of Oahu which is full of taste and also you just want to e-book for comfortable accommodations so that you can expertise the best holiday of the lifestyle. Holidaymakers love to possess fun and frolic on this impressive island for their vacations and live in luxury resorts that are splurging with world course facilities that go well with the wants of the adults and youngsters completely. They provide delicious and mouth watering menus on gourmets and organizes family members’ events like bonfire which assists to re-unite the families and revives back again lengthy misplaced reminiscences.

Travel To Go recommends the Hawaiian Adventure H2o Park which offers family members enjoyable for the whole family members as you get to appreciate 25 acres of rides and slides and oceans of enjoyment and this truly seems to become an expertise that you will in no way get anyplace except in Oahu. Da Flower Rider is for the energetic vacationer who is able to deal with the challenging waves and stability on their own even on higher waves. Going to the Sea Existence Park, which will be the marine attraction is really a ought to see sight that you should never miss as you can see Dolphins dance, Sea lions sing as well as take pleasure in the magical performance by the Penguins.

Consuming the savory legendary steak of Oahu that is cooked based on the conventional recipe is really a deal with the tourist will need to in no way miss simply because in case you haven’t tasted the culinary delights of one’s trip vacation spot then you sure are missing essentially the most integral component of one’s vacation experience.

You’ll be able to enjoy each day journey to Oahu and spend your evenings comforting within the night life that is crammed with many different jazz and rock music, grabbing a refreshing drink, enjoying the musical feast or dancing for the lunatic jazz.

Travel To Go makes the energetic tourist head for Oahu for an intoxicating style in the enchanting island. The island of Oahu attracts the vacationer to return back for much more on their next holiday as this island is loaded with organic splendor and cultural attractions of which you’ll be able to in no way get sufficient off.

Travel To Go Members Advice You To Have Plenty Of Toll Money While Driving

Travel To Go members say that when you plan to drive somewhere for vacation you need to make sure you have enough money on you for tolls and sightseeing as you progress through drive. If you do not have enough money on hand to pay for the tolls or a way to avoid toll roads, which might cost you more money for gas. Then you will be out of luck as you are traveling and one of two things can happen to you if you do not pay the tolls. You probably will not get arrested but you should expect to receive a hefty bill that you were not expecting from the company that runs the toll or parkway.

Travel To Go members say that this is mainly due to the cameras that they have at each toll stop or exit and entrance if you are on a parkway. So always make sure you plan ahead and go to their website or call the companies to find out how much the tolls will be as you progress. Some tolls only accept coins while the parkways actually take cash. If it is the parkway then you should be able to easily find the information on how much your car driving trip will cost you. Then you can plan ahead and pull out the appropriate funding coins or cash.

If you have an Ezpass then you do not have to worry about the above topic remind the members of Travel To Go. Just keep in mind that the EzPass only goes from Ohio to NY and the tri state areas surrounding those states.

Travel To Go Checks Out Lotte World Park

Travel To Go knows that Lotte World Park is a marvel. It is the one place you should never miss if you are in Seoul, South Korea. It is more of a splendor than just a park. The main amazing aspect of the park is that it is the first indoor maintained park in the whole world. It holds a Guinness world record because of that fact. It also stays open throughout the entire year.

There is an amusement park that was build outside that features the latest and greatest rides. People of all ages can’t resist playing and having fun in this park. Travel To Go understands that one of the main attractions is the underground lake. There are boat tours that can give you a ride around the park through this lake.

Inside there is an even more unbelievable thing; an artificial island. The island is built with thick vegetation set up on it. People can go there and have the experience of being on a small island. The whole this is wild and one of a kind.

Lotte World Park also has huge Shopping Malls. The malls give a true feeling of consumer culture. Travel To Go knows that there is even a luxury hotel inside the park. You can stay there to experience the wonder of Lotte World Park.

Travel To Go Enjoy Magnificent Mile, The Beating Hearty Of Chicago

Travel To Go members say that the city of Chicago boasts of the tallest building in United States and with its ubiquitous elevated train system creates a continuous clatter and the city looks and feels really big. The beating heart of Chicago is the Magnificent Mile where you will find everything from four star hotels to Departmental Stores.

Travel To Go members say that Chicago is perfectly family locale and has first rate museums, great art and architecture and a world famous aquarium. The tourist love the view of the forest of skyscrapers from the top of the Sears Tower and down to its  Loop Street and find sculptures by Picasso and other famous artist and love the `stylish Cafe’s too. Visitors should not forget to visit the Sky Deck at the top of Sears Tower, which is known as the world’s tallest skyscraper and offers the best view of Chicago.

Travel To Go members say that the tourist can walk, bike or jog on the 20 mile Lakefront path that connects to downtown Navy Pier. It skirts the edge of Lake Michigan and is the favorite spot of the city dwellers. The stroll around Oak Street of Chicago will also turn out to be a very exciting experience as it is the birthplace of Henry Hemmingway, the one time home of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Travel To Go recommend tourist who plan a trip to Chicago to taste its mouthwatering deep dish pizzas and the famous Chicago style Hot Dogs. With its compelling cuisines, varied Theatrical venues and eye catching architecture you sure can’t miss a trip to this windy city.

Travel To Go members know that with the Chicago City passes the tourist can easily breeze past the ticket lines without wasting time standing in queues to buy them. You can visit the Hancock Observatory using the City pass and peek beyond the Milky Way in the Adler Astronomy and Planetarium Museum. Shedds Aquarium is another hot post place for the little kids as they can enjoy the freedom of experiencing the Polar Pay Zone and the Abbot’s Aquarium.  Here they get the chance to watch the beautiful creatures and the shifting green and blues of Lake Michigan too.

Travel To Go Shares What Credit Cards Are Needed When Traveling

Travel To Go shares what credit cards to take with when traveling. Travel To Go says to take your major credit cards, such as, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Make sure they are really credit cards and not just debit cards with a credit card company’s logo on them.  Many locations require a credit card and will not accept a debit card, so they may have limited use on your travel.

Leave all your local store credit cards in a secure location at home; there will be no need to carry them with you. Why should I contact my credit card companies before I leave?

Travel To Go team mentions that you want to notify them of your trip. They may delay you if they are unaware you are traveling.  The unfamiliar spending patterns might cause them to suspect that the card is being used fraudulently and delay your approvals.

They will be able to explain many of the services that they can provide while you are on your trip.

How can my credit card company help prepare me for my trip?

You can arrange to pay bills that will come due while you are gone.

They will be aware that you will be making charges from another country.

They will be able to give you an idea of how acceptable their credit card is in that particular country.

They can verify acceptance at certain foreign locations.

They’ll be able to see if your PIN number will work in the countries you are visiting.  They can also issue you another PIN number if your current PIN is unacceptable to the foreign bank’s system.

They can explain cash advance, ATM, foreign purchase and foreign exchange rate policies and fees.

They can explain any services they offer, such as, extra insurance for your rental car, luggage or purchases.  Travel To Go says to make sure the coverage offered extends outside the United States and will be valid in all the countries where you’ll be traveling.  Also, be sure to note any other exceptions.

They may need to give you another phone number to call in case you need to reach them.  The 800 number listed on the back of your card may not work from foreign locations.

You can find out if they charge a currency conversion fee, so you can find the most economical card on which to place your foreign purchases.

Travel To Go — Include Kids in Your Travel Plans

Travel To Go knows that there are many people who come back from a family vacation that have horror stories of how their kids behaved. The parents will talk about how restless the kids were while they were traveling to their destination and how the adults never got to do the things they enjoy. They talk about how they always had to keep the kids entertained. Often times this happens because the adults did not include the children in the planning of the trip. Travel To Go knows that a few simple things can help get the kids involved in the trip more and that could make them behave a little better.

  • Plan the route – let the kid’s help you plan the route that you will take to your travel destination. It does not matter how you will get there, involve the kids in the planning. If you drive, let them find the fastest route and plan where you can stop each day. If you fly or take the train, let the kids see when the planes leave and when they arrive.
  • Give the kids a choice in what they want to do – Let each person in the family pick out an activity that they want to do. This includes the adults. Most children will accept the adults choices if they got a choice of their own.
  • Let the kids pack – If the kids are old enough to choose what they want to take, let them do it. Help them by giving them a list of the things they need, but let them make the choices.

Travel To Go knows that kids like to be involved in things. It makes them feel more important and it allows them to take some ownership of the family’s travels. It also helps them behave a little better.

Travel To Go Members Share the Top 5 destinations in Canada

Travel To Go remarks that Canada is a large country consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. While it has a large number of attractions, or members have shared the top 5 of them:

* Vancouver, BC – Famous for its bar & restaurant scene, Vancouver offers a wide variety of things to do and see; Grouse Mountain, Queen Elizabeth Park, Lynn Canyon Park and the Van Dusen Botanical Garden amongst the best ones.

* Montreal Quebec – Considered the cultural capital of Canada, this French-speaking city resembles any European city.

* Niagara Falls, Ontario – Aside form the great falls, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars and several other attractions.

* Toronto, Ontario – The largest city in Canada, offers a wide variety of attractions, CN Tower, Casa Loma and the Royal Ontario Museum to name just a few.

* Quebec City, Quebec – A fortified city that will actually welcome you with open arms. Home of the Poutine – French fries with gravy and cheese curds.

Travel To Go has years of expertise in the tourism industry and has the knowledge and technologies that are needed to make the best out of your holiday. Everything from airfare bargains and vehicle rental, and of course offering luxurious condominium and deluxe hotel accommodations at the lowest prices, Travel To Go satisfies the most demanding traveler.

Travel To Go Provides Tips to Pack Smart

Travel To Go knows that if you are planning to take a trip and are flying to your destination, the way you pack could impact how much the flight you have is going to cost. The reason for this is the baggage fees that many airlines now have. Travel To Go understands there are several things that you have to do when you are packing for a plane trip to limit the amount of money that you will have to pay for your bags.

  • Know the rules – each airline has different rules about the amount they charge for bags, the size of the bags that can be used, and the weight of the bags. It is important to know what these rules are so you can choose the best possible bags.
  • Get a scale – You need to weigh your bags before you get to the airport. If they are overweight, you will have to pay extra or you will have to remove some of the items.
  • Think about a carry on – If you can fit all of the things you need for traveling into a carry on bag, you may be able to avoid fees altogether.
  • Travel To Go also recommends using packing organizers – There are inserts you can use that will allow you to fit more items into your suitcases. This may help you save some money by using fewer bags for travel.

Travel To Go Describes How to Get Your United States Passport

Travel To Go understands that if you live in the United States and want to travel to another country, you will need to get a passport. It is necessary to understand what type of passport you need and how to get it. Travel To Go says that you should also know what to do if you lose your passport while traveling.

Passport or Passcard

You can choose one of these two types. If you are traveling out of the country over water and by air, you will need to have a full passport. This is more expensive than the passcard, but it lasts for 10 years. The passcard can be used when you are traveling internationally, but are not using air travel. The passcard is smaller and cheaper than the passport.

How to Apply

An application can be found at the office that issues passports or it can be found online. The application must be turned in in person at the passport office. There are specific forms of ID that must accompany the passport application. The process can take as long as two months and needs to be done well before you travel internationally.

Replacing a passport

If you lose your passport, Travel To Go suggests contacting the U.S. embassy for a replacement process. It can be done in as little as 24 hours.