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Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Destinations, Travel to Go, United States Destinations

Travel To Go Shares Top Travel Destinations for Summer 2015

Travel To Go, a leading provider of luxury vacations, is sharing several top travel destinations for the summer of 2015.

Best summer destinations by Travel To Go

Travel To Go, a highly respected travel provider, is excited to share some of the top travel destinations for spending summer in the sun. Whether travelers are looking for beaches, fun travel attractions or just something new to experience, these destinations are some favorite choices of how to beat the heat.

  1. Miami – Miami is the prime place to spend summer days. Many travelers love to visit the popular South Beach neighborhood. There’s much to offer for those interested in exotic nightlife, but also more low-key famous restaurants and shopping spots. For those who need a break from the beach, one fun family outing is a visit the famed Everglades National Park. Travelers might even spot an alligator or two along the way. Travel To Go knows that Miami has a lot to offer to its summertime visitors.
  2. Los Angeles – Home to the stars and merely miles away from beaches galore, Los Angeles is another spot that Travel To Go recommends for a fun-filled destination. If driving through the neighborhoods with a Star Map to locate all the celebrities’ homes isn’t personal enough, maybe taking photos with some of the favorites is more ideal. Travelers might not get the chance to meet the real deals, but at Madame Tussaud’s famous wax museum (located next to the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater) they just might be able to snag a photo that will fool everyone back home.
  3. New Orleans – A trip to the bayou is the perfect way to mix things up for travelers that want to try something new. A walking tour around garden district to see the historic homes is fun, but even better at night since the city is famous for its ghost stories. Make sure to plan a stop at the famed Bourbon Street while being able to avoid the crazy rush of people during Mardi Gras. For all the foodies out there, home-style Cajun cooking, seafood and the legendary beignets at Cafe Du Monde are at the top of the must-haves list

No matter where vacation plans take travelers, Travel To Go hopes for safe and happy travelers this summer.

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Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Destinations, Travel to Go

Travel To Go Highlights Top Florida Theme Park Attractions for 2015 Fun

Travel To Go is assisting travelers planning a Florida Summer 2015 vacation by providing them the latest news on the hottest attractions in Central Florida.

Best Florida theme parks suggested by Travel To Go

Travel To Gois a travel industry leader that constantly raises the bar for other travel networks around the world. Their latest move is focused at vacation planners eagerly planning their exciting Florida vacation. Millions of travelers head to Florida every year, either excited to visit the beaches or take their families to the thrilling theme parks that the state is known for. The following information is featured to help those travelers narrow down their plans in order for them to see the top-of-the-line attractions.

Travel To Go knows that most travelers head to Central Florida for one reason: to visit Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney World Resort is world famous, and the four theme parks that compose the Resort in Orlando are overflowing with attractions that will keep guests busy all day long. At EPCOT, guests will not want to miss out on Test Track, an exciting ride where guests design and test out their vehicles through rigorous safety tests.  At the Animal Kingdom, guests won’t want to skip Expedition Everest, a wooden rollercoaster that takes riders deep into Yeti territory. Visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios must visit the park’s latest attraction: Toy Story Mania, a ride that drops guests right into the heart of the popular Pixar franchise. Finally, the iconic Magic Kingdom features the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, recently refurbished to feature the stars of the film, including the recognizable Captain Jack Sparrow.

Travel To Go points out that at the Universal Studios Orlando theme park, guests can enter the world of Harry Potter and visit the famous school for wizards in the Hogwarts-themed portion of the Islands of Adventure park. Islands of Adventure also features a Jurassic Park zone, a Dr. Seuss zone that is perfect for children, and a Marvel comics zone featuring the monstrous Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster.

The latest attraction to come to Universal Studios in Orlando is the Transformers ride, based on the Hasbro toys and the Michael Bay films. Travel To Go recommends that guests head to the ride as soon as the park opens, to avoid waiting in the long lines that form later on during the day.

Plan an exciting theme park vacation to Florida with Travel To Go today!

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Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 in Travel Planning, Travel to Go

Travel To Go Reviews Top Must-See Tokyo Tourist Attractions

Travel To Go reviews a number of the top tourist attractions in Tokyo, Japan for vacation planners.

Best attractions in Tokyo suggested by Travel To Go

Travel To Go reviews some of the hottest destinations that travelers will not want to miss out on when they visit Tokyo, Japan in 2015. With over 13 million people living in the city and millions more visiting the city every year, Tokyo makes trillions of yen annually just from travelers taking vacations to the city. With tourism such a massive part of their economy, Tokyo has plenty to entice travelers to visit Japan’s capital city and, most importantly, come back again.

Travel To Go reviews that visitors to Tokyo cannot miss out on one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region: Tokyo Disneyland. At Tokyo Disneyland, families will find more than enough to do during a few days’ vacation time. The theme park sports the popular Toy Story Mania ride that puts riders inside an interactive video game experience. Over in the Tomorrowland portion of the park, guests can check out the Star Tours simulation ride that sends riders through the Star Wars films. There is plenty for the kids to enjoy as well, like the iconic It’s A Small World ride and Peter Pan’s Flight.

The Travel To Go reviews of attractions to see in Tokyo continue with the recommendation of the Tsukiji Fish Market. This attraction requires a bit more planning to attend, as it is only open during the early hours of the day. At the Tsukiji Fish Market, travelers will be able to watch organized chaos as fishermen bring in their catches, and businessmen are quick to bid on the best catches to use in their restaurant’s lunch and dinner services. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Travel To Go reviews of Tokyo tourist attractions also point guests in the direction of the National Sumo Hall. During the months of May and September, the national tournaments are taking place, offering travelers a glimpse of the intensity of the sumo lifestyle in the core of Japan. Even if it is not tournament season, travelers can still catch a glimpse of the wrestlers practicing and maybe even watch a few practice matchups.

Travel To Go is recognized as a leader in providing world-class vacation accommodations around the globe.

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Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Travel Planning, Travel Tips, Travel to Go

Travel To Go Reveals Travel Attractions to Explore in 2015

Great Destinations to explore this 2015

Great Destinations to explore this 2015

When travelers make their way on exciting vacations to destinations all over the world, Travel To Go suggest free attractions and activities to enjoy. 

Travel To Go knows that vacations are long anticipated experiences. Many travelers plan and save for a long time before they can take a long awaited dream vacation. However, many travelers also want to make sure that they can enjoy their vacations without over spending. To help travelers save, here are some free attractions and activities in amazing destinations that travelers can take advantage of when they visit.

  • Kensington Museums: Those headed to London on their next vacation should be sure to take advantage of the Kensington Museums. These free attractions are perfect for travelers with a variety of different interests. Here they can explore and learn about everything from natural history to Victorian fashion. Science, history, and art all come to life in these three amazing museums and Travel To Go knows that those who visit will fondly remember their time spent learning as they explore what these museums have to offer.
  • Head for the beach in Brazil: When travelers go to Rio de Janeiro this year, they will be in for a treat. Not only are many of its stunning beaches free to access for visitors, they will also be preparing for the upcoming 2016 Olympics. While it will cost a couple of bucks to grab a drink or a snack along the beach, spending time in the surf and sand while in Brazil will be free and there will even be free wifi along with some of the Olympic preparations. With these extra perks, it will be easier than ever to enjoy the excitement says Travel To Go.
  • Staten Island Ferry Ride: New York is a stunning destination, but for some a New York stay can be a little pricy. Fortunately Travel To Go knows that there are many great ways to enjoy New York without spending extra cash, especially when travelers take advantage of the city’s many free attractions. One of the best is the Staten Island Ferry, which offers free rides and gives New York visitors a glimpse of the journey to Ellis Island that immigrants once experienced. It also offers an up close look at the Statue of Liberty as well.

When vacations are filled with amazing activities, it is easy for travelers to create memories with their friends and families, and these fun activities and attractions will help do just that. For more information on visiting any of these destinations with Travel To Go visit

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Posted by on Jun 20, 2015 in Travel Planning, Travel Tips, Travel to Go

Travel To Go Reveals Top Inexpensive Travel Destinations for 2015

We all love to travel even more if is for a small price!!

We all love to travel even more if is for a small price!!


Travel To Go knows that travelers all over the world are looking for ways to experience stunning new travel options this year. Taking time to experience new destinations is a wonderful way to make unique memories. However, Travel ToGo knows that some travelers are hesitant to travel because they believe that it is too expensive, or they avoid traveling overseas for the same reason. Every traveler deserves a chance to see the world and those who are on a budget should be sure to consider some of the following inexpensive destinations to enjoy in 2015.

  • Romania: For those who want to enjoy the charm of Europe on a budget, Travel To Go suggests this Eastern European destination. It is now easier than ever to get to this destination because of new airline access. Additionally, because most travelers in this country are there on business, it tends to be a less busy destination than some other European cities during peak times like Christmas or other holidays. This is the perfect destination to enjoy old world charm on a dime, so travelers should definitely consider visiting Romania in 2015.
  • Bali: For a getaway that is full of sandy beaches and sun, Bali is a wonderful choice over some more expensive tropical destinations.Travel costs such as transportation and food are also usually pretty low in Bali. Travelers can enjoy the adventure that the country offers while stretching their travel budget a little further says Travel To Go. Travelers who do visit should make sure that they indulge in a spa day while in Bali.
  • South Africa: This is a popular travel destination already but because there have been currency changes, it is more affordable in 2015 than it has been in a long time. Those who have a spirit of adventure will love visiting this destination and seeing its stunning wildlife. Travelers will also enjoy the cheap prices on transportation, as well as entertainment, and can enjoy beautiful weather with small crowds in the spring or fall seasons.

When travelers want to make sure that they can enjoy unique and memorable travel this year without harming their pocketbook, they should be sure to consider some of these amazing destinations. Going a little off the beaten path will allow travelers a new sense of adventure with once in a lifetime opportunities. For more information visit 

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Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Travel Planning, Travel Tips, Travel to Go

Travel To Go Reveals 3 Ideal United States Destinations for 2015 Vacations

Check those tips when choosing your next trip destination!

Check those tips when choosing your next trip destination!


2015 is off to a great start, and Travel To Go knows that the rest of the year offers a number of opportunities for excitement and adventure, especially for those who are planning on taking a dream vacation this year. The United States is full of unbelievable vacation spots, and many of them will offer exciting opportunities for travelers of all ages. Here, Travel To Go offers its suggestions for some of the most stunning destinations to enjoy in 2015.

  1. New Orleans: New Orleans, Louisiana offers the pinnacle of the party atmosphere with its Mardi Gras celebrations each year, and its buzzing atmosphere all year round. New Orleans is also a destination that is rich in culture and history.Its various attractions and sites make it a destination that is sure to appeal to a number of different travelers. Travel To Go reminds travelers that when they visit they must immerse themselves in the food of New Orleans, which is sure to leave them hungry for more.
  2. Oakland: California has a number of cities that are stunning for travelers. From the sunny beaches of San Diego to the thrills of Anaheim, there is always something to do in California, and there are also a number of fantastic, underrated travel spots in the state as well. Travel To Go believes that Oakland is a beautiful destination for a number of reasons, but it especially appealing to those who love the local charm of its art scene and foodie atmosphere. Home to thrilling festivals year round, Oakland is a great spot to visit this year.
  3. Duluth: This Minnesota city is an outdoor lover’s paradise. As hikers work their way along its beautiful trails, they will be treated to stunning views of everything from waterfalls to wildlife. Duluth also offers great opportunities for skiing and snowboarding on its mountains in the winter months, making it an ideal destination for winter sports. Travel To Go knows that this is the perfect destination for enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer.

Travel To Go offers travelers access to accomodations all over the world. For more Information visit

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